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Below we put a list of the shipping costs for perishable material: Seeds, Flowers, Hash prices are intended for shipments up to one kg.

We use Three Freight Forwarders for all over the globe.

BRT Corriere Bartolini is the most reliable courier in Italy with guaranteed deliveries in 48 hours on all Italian soil excluding islands in 3 days.

DPD Dpd Group is the most reliable Swiss courier with fast deliveries throughout Europe and guaranteed delivery.

FedEx Federal Express the fastest courier for intercontinental parcels thanks to this courier we can quickly ship non-eu countries by air service and therefore practically all over the world.

We use this forwarders because we believe they are the most reliable and accurate, in fact all packages arrive at their destination and very rarely has it happened that something is lost, stolen or damaged.

All shipments for non-perishable material are free in Italy for orders over 50 Euros, while they are free in Europe for orders over 100 Euros.

In the following list you will find the name of the state and the reference price with further details such as the Check (V) the presence of this sign suggests that there are no problems for the shipment of material and therefore we have already tested the shipping service described with success positive.

For all other states and therefore without the positive sign (V) we always offer 100% refund in case of non-arrival of the package.