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Discount products

Other discounts

  1. Additional 10% discount On your first purchase using the discount code (new10%)

Discount rules

Discounts reserved for customers cannot be combined with other discounts and with promotions example if you use your discount code to purchase only one product in promotion will not be added excluding the code new10 which can be combined with all promoproduct tions.

if you use your discount code to purchase products in promo and products not in promo the discount code will only be applied to products that are not in promotion.

it is not possible to combine multiple discount codes, for example a code received via chat with the discount code new 10 or other to have a cumulative discount on the cart.

if it is the first time you buy you can use the code new10% and combine the discount with the promoproduct tions.

if you receive a discount code from the web or from the chat you can only receive the discount for all the products in your cart except those in promotion.

Happy Shopping 😉