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Grow shop

Are you looking for material for cultivation, we don't sell it, but can you see if there is anyone in the list near you? 

Below we put a list of growshops that we know divided by city.


  • MODENA -  IDROGROW is a specialized growshop supply store and has a physical point full of material, if you are looking for seeds and material with good prices and the right place.
  • TORINO - INDOORLINE This company is also specialized in growshop supply with its physical point full of material and the right place to find good quality equipment.
  • BOLOGNA - FLOWER POWER The owner of this shop has a lot of passion for this sector, he will certainly provide you with the advice you are looking for, and if you need some material you will find a wide range of seeds and products available.
  • DRILLS – KINGSTONE the owner of this shop offers excellent customer service. If you are nearby, drop by.

You can contact these grow shops for the supply of growing material or go directly to the site to visit them.

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