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Legality of our products

All our products are 100% legal in Italy and Europe according to regulations referring to law 242/2016 and subsequent, this law allows the cultivation of Cannabis Sativa L by growers and subsequent processing.

Specifically, law 242 allows cultivation up to a maximum limit of THC in the field of 0,6%, beyond which the cultivation would be destroyed and the same applies to products.

For this reason, all our products must be considered lower than 0,6% THC and therefore within the limit of 0,59% as per cultivation regulations.

European regulations impose a lower limit of precisely 0,3% THC, which is why the products we sell outside Italy respect the European limit.

THC Values ​​In Materials For Individuals

All flowers sold to individuals in CBD SHOP they respect the maximum limit of 0,5% of THC, the difference between the flowers sold privately and those sold with VAT and the fact that the products are processed according to the lowering principle to have a limit suitable for the whole European and international market.

Flowers or other material such as Hash Concentrates etc., therefore all respect the limit of 0,5% THC and are also sold only for the purposes that the law 242 provides by law.

Specifically, Law 242 does not yet provide for any legislation regarding the human use of flowers but they can be kept by the customer sealed and with a label.

THC Values ​​in Materials for Companies

In our WHOLESALE SHOP It is possible to find material that can only be purchased from companies with a regular VAT number, access is allowed only to Shops and Companies in the sector or Tobacconists through the registration and verification system.

the products sold in this category are sold as they were produced or lowered, specifically we have two categories of products, the products that comply with the Italian regulations as follows link and products that comply with European regulations as follows link .

the difference between the two categories lies in the THC limit, where the Italian ones fall within the maximum limit of 0,59% THC and the European ones instead respect the limit of 0,2-0,3% THC.

It is possible to buy products from all over Europe from both categories but in the case of Italian products to be delivered to European soil, it is necessary to select a specific THC lowering service to bring it to legal values.

in any case, the products included in these categories are legal products grown from certified hemp that have laboratory analyzes and a certified export tag, documents that are issued to the buyer upon delivery.

Collectible Seeds

In our shop the cannabis seeds with low THC content, specifically the THC and CBD declared are reference values ​​that would occur if the seed were transplanted and a finished product would be obtained.

These values ​​are declared for information purposes only and for the purposes of the sale for collection use.

These seeds can therefore be purchased and held by individuals or companies only for collecting purposes

Semi Certified for Companies and Individuals

Le Certified seeds of Cannabis sativa L are the seeds that hemp growers must have by law to grow all over Europe.

Our seeds are certified seeds by the state body that creates the certified tags.

Each pack of seeds certified in our shop has the tag certified by the original crea and therefore a guarantee of a result product that does not exceed the THC limits of 0,2%.

We therefore sell these seeds according to law 242 2016 for hemp cultivation purposes throughout the European territory and we issue an invoice as per legislation.

As for the purchase by private individuals, the seeds can be purchased by selecting the invoice at the time of purchase and entering the tax code instead of the VAT number and it is also necessary to have a PEC to be in accordance with the law.

the following seeds can be used for the purposes that the law 242 usually allows industrial uses for companies or horticultural use or for educational research purposes for individuals.

Certified plants for companies and individuals

In our Shop For Plants you can find Plants or Cuttings of plants from certified plants, these plants are sold for the cultivation of hemp with a certified tag.

For companies wishing to grow hemp, we therefore issue an analysis of the product in the field and a photocopy of the certificate of the starting plant, together with the invoice, at the time of purchase of the plant.

Since the laws may vary from state to state, we always recommend the purchase of a package of certified seeds together with the plants to prove with certainty the origin of the plants from certified seeds.

The Italian law 242 does not distinguish between professional or non-professional growers, the only path for the purchase of the following material by private individuals and to possess a PEC to obtain the invoice.

For both cases, it is therefore necessary to select an invoice at the time of purchase but the private individual will enter the tax code instead of his VAT number.

the following plants can be used for the purposes that the law 242 usually permits industrial uses for companies or horticultural use or for educational research purposes for individuals.

Limitations For Under XNUMXs

All products sold in our shop are therefore legal but their purchase is allowed only for adults or minors with the consent of their legal guardians.

Our site uses a tax code request and verification system which limits in this sense the purchase methods by users who are not authorized to purchase such as minors.

moreover, the payment methods are usually accessible only to adults as they should be holders of a bank account and be able to make transfers or use other systems for which verification of greater age is always required.