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Houseofcannabis also deals with CBD supplies for shops, thanks to the collaboration with many companies in this sector, we are producers, growers and retailers, protagonists of the European and global market.

All this is possible only thanks to great skills, strong investments and a lot of work, but nevertheless excellent collaborative relationships that we carry out directly with producers like us and with shops and customers of all kinds.

We believe in the free market and as such we have developed a work model that does not penalize anyone while remaining competitive.

The Products of Our Supply Chain

As for the products of our supply chain, they come from all over the world but the majority come from our operational headquarters in Italy and Europe, many are products that we ourselves develop and then give in production to other companies.

While others are products that we get from our business partners and resell simply because we believe they are the best products around, such as certain types of: flowers, seeds, food etc.

All our products comply with quality standards, such as controlled analysis and tracing of origin, we aim to build a certified quality supply chain at a competitive price.

This is why our products are safe both for the retailer who needs the analyzed product, and for the customer.

How the supply works

We have developed a delivery model for all by unifying our retail customer and our wholesale resale.

We use a sales format from 1 g up to 1 kg of product

Those who buy a few grams (usually the retail customer) will buy a high value product at a good market price ranging from 4 to 6 euros per gram.

While those who buy higher quantities have 50 Gr will receive discounts based on the quantity of product purchased.

Example the prices for one kg of product (per dealer of course) will have a gram price from 30 to 90 cents a gram.

This allows retailers to have a good margin for reselling and therefore a profit to maintain their store whether it is physical or otherwise online.

In addition, for those who buy quantities over 25Gr We provide two additional services, the first and the possibility of receiving the material in bulk, with the second instead you will receive the material packed in ready-to-sell bags of 2,5GR with logo or without logo Houseofcannabis.

bagging has a cost that is calculated based on the quantity of product taken, the more product you buy and the less you spend on bagging, our logo can be applied or not.

the fact of not applying the logo allows you to buy and resell our material in comfort avoiding losing the customer who could decide to take advantage of the discounts of our online store for larger quantities such as 100 Gr or even higher.

Alternatively, you can apply the logo and resell the material with the certainty that the customer will understand that the product is of good quality, those who usually buy from machines or stores do not shop online for various reasons and always prefer to buy directly.

our prices are dictated by the market for some they may seem low to high others, but the price is calculated on the basis of current European competitors.

Controlled Analysis and Lowering Services

All products are analyzed in an accredited laboratory with state certification and therefore the analyzes are safe and cannot be manipulated by outsiders, we directly take care of sending the samples and receiving the analyzes.

We also support a logic of sincerity towards the customer such as the analysis values ​​described, the origin of the material, the lot and availability.

For this reason, in our CBD supply for shops you will find material that seems to have a very low CBD but that actually respects the logic of the plant as it is very difficult or almost impossible to have chemically unprocessed products that fall below the 1 to 20 THC standard. / CBD.

In other words, the products commonly sold as 0,2% THC and 30% CBD are obtained with chemical processing or are a pure commercial invention, which we do not disdain in resale as it would have no effect other than to increase sales.

but we cannot apply this logic to our products and we currently do not resell these types of products except for the declared concentrates.

Additional Lowering Service

In collaboration with a European company we provide a lowering service for those who buy quantities per kg, the service is subject to a fee and the cost per kg is 150 euros per kg.

the service has processing times ranging from one to two weeks to receive the product, but it is possible to receive the product as you wish, with THC 0,2% or 0,3% for European or non-EU countries that allow it .

Alternatively it can be purchased at the THC value of the analyzes and it will be the customer's responsibility to ensure that the product undergoes a lowering process if necessary.

moreover it is possible to receive the same KG lowered and clearly bagged by adding the service at the time of purchase.

We carry out this service only on KG as it is impossible to carry it out on smaller quantities.

Safe and Insured Purchases

Our site is hosted and secured by advanced systems and trained personnel, which is a great way to preserve customer and purchase data that is only accessible to the job personnel needed to know this data.

We do not share the data of customers of Habits with anyone except through classic cookies that do not include personal information, we also delete the data every time we issue invoices or pay taxes.

All purchases are safe and covered by insurance up to a figure of approximately 2000 euros by clicking on the appropriate partner screen for reviews that you will see open at the end of the order (remember to select it) to be covered for any problem.

We also provide various payment systems including some non-traceable such as cryptocurrencies for those who want to protect their privacy at 100%, or the classic bank transfers and cash on delivery (only for Italy) and credit card payments for the rest of the customers.

We do not hold card data.

Safe Shipping For Each Direction

We have signed agreements with the best freight forwarders in Italy in Europe and in the world to allow our goods to always arrive at their destination or return to the sender, we take care of the shipping costs for orders over 50 euros in Italy and for orders over 100 euro in Europe.

shipments are traceable via a link that you will receive in the email or in your telephone number 24/48 hours after departure, even if packages have never been lost and it is possible that the courier cannot find you and you will be contacted by the same for a return.

If the product does not arrive you are always covered by a guarantee or by our policy of sending new material to fulfill the order.

There are no problems for shipments to European soil, as regards outbound shipments outside the EU it is necessary to take the necessary measures for each destination as some countries accept the product, some do not and for others specific documentation is required.

when the order is ready, the method is also assessed on the basis of the customer's knowledge. For non-EU countries.

Invoices and Registration

On the appropriate page of registration you can register your shop with all the data necessary to issue an invoice if you wish.

Registration is not mandatory but it is a convenient way to not re-enter all the data every time you have to make a purchase, moreover you will occasionally receive emails with updates of the products or services that we can offer you.

But more important than the discounts we apply to some products at certain times of the year

Why become our customer

If the services I have listed above are not enough for you, we can add that our company is a reliable partner over time.

We have 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry 5 years of commercial and production or research experience.

In all this time we have supported many cultural associations for the legalization of cannabis and projects of various kinds.

Furthermore our company is engaged in promothe right social values ​​and the betterment of society, which we support if possible with donations to verified charities.

Our commercial purpose is to improve and create stability with seriousness, competence and work, values ​​that we apply to our company, we look for in our collaborators and consequently we apply to the Product.

For any clarification we remain available through the contact card or from Whatsapp.