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Born From The Passion For Cultivation In 2014.

Our company starts from a simple blog created by the founder to promote cannabis culture throughout the Italian national territory, the reason why the blog was opened is that the cannabis plant has an interesting therapeutic content.

first cultivation

The founder of our company has always had a strong interest for personal reasons in this aspect, over time the blog has become a reference point with guides and posts for growing for personal use.

The blog has passed moments of strong notoriety for the interest that has developed over time towards this plant, at the same time has brought about a great change by supporting non-profit foundations to regulate this plant.

Our History

In 2016, thanks to a law made by the Italian Parliament, a part of cultivation was regulated and therefore we began to prepare to carry out cultivation tests.

In 2018 our first cultivation of 4000 hemp plants began, the Finola seedlings were planted in the middle of June.

Despite the delays, bad weather and little experience with the sativa hemp plant, the harvest was abundant.

the product was then sold as hemp shredded in the following years being appreciated by all.

In 2019, due to plant problems, it was decided to select some hemp varieties suitable for the purposes for which they were intended.

A small selection laboratory was created with indoor lamps and hydroponic systems. The selection work lasted approximately 6 months and resulted in approximately 3 genetics.

The same genetics were then reproduced by Agamic Way and transplanted into the field for the 2019 production.

The 2019 production was a success, the genetics proved to be suitable for production and all the flower and shredded products were sold with great satisfaction.

In 2020, the sale of the products we created began, the funds arrived to invest again in the market.

A New Business Organization Has Been Created And Agreements Have Been Made With Many Growers For The Sale Of The Products By providing them with the plants by agamic way with relative certificate.

A shed was taken in addition to the land with greenhouse for the creation of a production and sales center of the product throughout the Italian national territory, achieving the first sales target.

In 2021 we started a second plant production and selection work, completing the development of 18 certified genetics with the values ​​and aromas we have always sought.

everything started from seeds in the Green House carrying out a long project that lasted until 2022, specifically they select and analyze with the help of the laboratory Amber plants.

We have researched this result to have the starting point of products that can be created and sold throughout Europe.

Today we are the market leader with thousands of customers throughout the European territory, we supply products such as plants, seeds or consumables, and various types of consultancy.

We also collaborate with various production companies in a sort of hemp supply chain to provide customers or producers with the best possible services and products.

100% of our products will in fact be produced in the year 2022 by the best producers that we have gradually selected over time.

What we expect from the future

In the first place, what we want is to bring cannabis culture in all its forms as we all know that cannabis has many properties that will be useful to us.

We naturally start from the playful use which is what makes the market profitable, but above all thanks to this use it will be possible to have the necessary funds to invest in what really matters.

the therapeutic use is certainly the most interesting aspect as its properties are still to be studied in depth, known scientific researches have been done demonstrating a good efficacy against many diseases, but as many very expensive researches will have to be done in the future.

To then get to the most common uses it is in fact known that cannabis is an excellent fiber plant, which if properly processed will bring a great green economic benefit to the European economy.

Without neglecting the industrial use that could be made in the construction sector which in turn would lead to new processes and materials with high thermal efficiency or of various kinds.

Clearly reaching these goals will not be easy as huge investments have to be made, machinery that does not exist must be built and standards that currently do not exist must be created.

But the road to the future has almost cleared what we expect for the next few years and an exponential growth of the market that will give many jobs across Europe.

Our Business Plan

Our strategy is very variable because the market is currently undergoing strong change, which is why we are very dynamic.

Our strength is the production and creation of new products, what we want to bring is safety and quality.

Collaboration with producers and companies in this sector is essential for us to be able to create what will one day be a controlled supply chain.

And by controlled we mean Safe, Free and Standardized From A to Z.